How to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents

Blindingly fast and dangerously addictive, biking is a passion for the tough at heart. Despite the bright allure of freedom and independence, the experience of riding is often marred with the possibilities of accidents. Luckily, the bike we ride comes fully equipped with safety measures like powerful brakes, obstruction-free vision and grippy tyres to name a few. But by being a little vigilant and following traffic rules, a lot of accidents can be averted.

Major problems all bikers face occur when another vehicle, like a car, suddenly turns ahead of you. Whenever car drivers aren’t able to judge the speed of your bike correctly, or are negligent of your presence on the road, accidents are bound to happen. To avoid being in such a situation, you simply need to be a bit alert. Rely on your sixth sense and keep an eye out for any indicators which suggest that the car in front of you is going to make a turn. If you see that a car is actually about to turn, slow down and keep your hand and foot ready on the brakes for any evasive action. The best way to avoid being taken by surprise is to change your lane, settle for the safest spot, away from the high-action zone!

motorcycle accidents causes

Trying to manoeuvre and getting your tyre stuck in the gravel is one of the most infuriating things a biker can experience. The chances that your bike tyre will skid are very high. To save yourself the trouble, follow the mantra of ‘slow in, fast out’. Enter the gravel patch at a slow speed and then pick up the pace for a smooth exit. This is an excellent way to tread safely on a trail which is not smooth.

A hairpin curve or a sharp corner spells trouble. Trying to manoeuvre around them at high speed is one of the major causes of accident. The trick to be safe is to ride at a speed that makes it possible for you to not miss out on visual cues like telephone booths, electric poles etc. At that speed, you are more likely to notice the curve ahead and slow down accordingly.

If a car suddenly changes its lane and moves into yours, you will soon find yourself thrown off the lane and in a rather tight corner. Rely on the manoeuvrability of your bike and find yourself a secure space in a blind spot. Bikes are small and agile as compared to a car. When on a road which is cluttered with vehicles, there will be a number of blank spots and spaces. Your best bet will be to occupy one of those spots for a safe ride.

Be safe and ride smart, and if you want more helpful tips about bike safety, visit the Trails Of India website.


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