Safety Features in Your Motorcycle Boots

After a long ride doesn’t it feel great to lay aside all that heavy riding gear? To tug off the riding gloves, jacket and helmet and let the body breath is the first thing we want to do when we get off the bike for a break. Since motorcycle boots are the only accessories that stay on for a while even after the ride is over, it is only fair that we give some thought to the good old pair of sturdy boots that have supported us in keeping our feet firmly grounded.

Remembering an age old biking adage, ‘don’t dress for the ride; dress for the slide’, we are going to throw light on some sturdy yet stylish boots to boot.

Whether we realise it or not, there is a lot riding on the soles of out biking boots. Not only do they need to be comfortable, but they also need to be sturdy in order to withstand the wear and tear of long rides and any impact or friction in case of an accident.

Starting off with the Street Bike Riders’ footwear, these boots generally have leather construction and are high enough to cover the ankles. Avoid laces when purchasing bike riding shoes, as they tend to get stuck in the bike mechanism. Boots with low and wide heels rest comfortably over the foot pegs and a firm sole provides a strong grip making them an ideal choice for riding. The Stunt Boots by RST, coated with PU leather and built-in moulded PU protection, make an ideal choice for street riding.

bike riding shoes

The Dirt Bike Riders’ boots come with a specialised armour and great ankle support. A stout chin to protect against sticks and rocks, and the elastic gasket on top to keep the debris out. The separate inner bootie gives a great fit and comfort. The Alpinestars S-MX 6 Boots, with advanced microfibre for durability and abrasion resistance are the perfect example of dirt bike rider footwear.

Bike Riders’ boots

Next in line are the Adventure Bike Riders’ shoes. Lighter and shorter as compared to the dirt biking boots, these shoes are more comfortable to walk in and an ideal choice for long rides. Adventure biking shoes are generally made to be waterproof to provide comfort in various weather conditions. The CR-4 Gore-Tex XCR Boots, which offer the style, comfort and protection of hiking boots, are the perfect adventure biking boots to get you through various trips.

Bike Riders’ shoes

Boots are a really essential part of your bike safety arsenal. A pair of strong shoes can go a long way in protecting your feet from injuries and providing comfort on long rides. Put your right foot forward, and do it in the right pair of shoes. Drop in at the Trails Of India website and buy the most comfortable and stylish shoes to complement your style statement.


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