Is Your Mobile Phone The Next Moto-Gadget?

Three – Two – One – Welcome to the digital age.

Riders off the bike, please stop thinking and suit up in riding gear.

Riders on the bike, get ready to lose yourself.

Note: All riders are requested to carry your smartphones.

Actually, the last statement is not an advice, but a prescription. Today, our life is distracting because of different electronic gadgets and apps that we use on a daily basis, but the fact is, you can’t deny the conveniences that these apps bring us. Only a rider can tell you how smartphones are adding functionality to riding and are making riding more fun.

Out of some popular motorcycle apps and accessories, we have picked out the most useful stuff, especially for bike riders. Whether you are a nomad or a riding maniac, there is something to add method to your madness. Starting with one of the latest gifts of technology, here is a handlebar cradle by BMW Motorrad.

Handlebar Cradle

Handlebar Cradle By BMW

Priced at $300, the cradle can accommodate phones up to 15 cms in size. Installed in a robust hard case, the device protects your phone from dust, while the shock-proof gel pads keep your phone safe from water. One of its star feature is the anti-reflection flex foil see-through vision panel that offers the best readability, even in daylight.

Also, enjoying the stardom are a couple of apps you can use to boost your ride.

Eat Sleep Ride, which could easily earn the title of the ‘do it all’ app, is a special app that hosts all the in-demand features that a biker could think of.  It is tailored specifically for motorcycle riders. The app allows you to discover, ride, and share the best motorcycle routes around you. You can also track your mileage, speed, lean angles, and elevation on a map. One feature that adds extra stars to this app is Crashlight – a sophisticated technology that detects a motorcycle crash and notifies selected contacts through geo-location mapping.

Eat Sleep Ride App

The second app that is breaking on the scene is Trails Of India. It is less of an instructor, and more of a partner. This app is a social platform where the riders can share and read motorcycle trails and stories. Trails Of India keeps you well-informed about the latest in the motorcycle world, and at the same time allows you to connect with the fellow riders through forums. Actually, it’s not just an app, but also an E-motorcycle diary.

Trails Of India

If you know any app that must be recommended to a biker, or find a bike apparatus you love, leave a li’l note in the comments section so we can feature it soon. Also, you can explore more about bike riding at Trails Of India or download the app from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.



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