Are The Apps Monitoring Your Riding Style Useful?

Apps, you think have nothing much to do with riding. You couldn’t be further from fact. Ask a rider and he will tell you how smartphone apps are adding functionality to riding and are making riding more fun. Some might feel that electronic gadgets and apps distract them while riding, but the fact is, you can’t deny the convenience that these apps bring to riders.

To assist you in finding the best apps for riders, here’s a handpicked list of the most useful mobile apps, especially for bikers. Whether you are nomadic or a riding maniac, there are a number of apps that function almost like a personal trainer and enhance your riding experience.

Eat Sleep Ride is the most popular riding app, and totally deserves to be known as the do-it-all app. It’s a special app that hosts all the in-demand features and is tailored specifically for motorcycle riders. The app allows a biker to discover, ride, and share the best motorcycle routes around them. It also helps track mileage, speed, lean angles, and elevation on a map. One feature that adds extra stars to this app is CRASHLIGHT – a sophisticated technology that detects a motorcycle crash and notifies selected contacts through geo-location mapping.

Eat Sleep Ride

Trails Of India is another app to reckon with and to download on your smartphone. It is less of an instructor, and more of a partner. This app is a social platform for riders, where they can share, and even read stories and trails. Trails Of India keeps you updated with the latest in the motorcycle world, and at the same time allows you to connect to the fellow riders through forums. Actually, it’s more of an E-motorcycle diary than an app.

Trails Of India

Pocket First Aid and CPR app could help you handle an emergency situation, when you are in the wild, far away from medical or emergency services,  the This app includes easy, detailed and understandable first-aid instructions in the form of words, videos and high-resolution diagrams. This app became famous when it saved the life of a man who was stuck for 65 hours under a collapsed building after the 2010 Haiti earthquake.

Pocket First Aid and CPR

All these apps are easily available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

If you have a biker app to recommend, share it in the comments section, so we may add it in our next article. For more such information on bike riding, visit and download the app too from Google Play Store or iOS App Store.


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