Coolest Decals – A Must Have

Bikes are like notebooks. You will soon want to scribble all over and make them your own.

Every biker wants his bike to speak for him, to express his preferences and taste. It seems quiet legit too, a biker does put a lot of effort in selecting the bike just right for him. But if you ever feel a need to personalise your bike, a great way to add zing to it can be to have a sticker a.k.a. decal emblazoned on it. A cleverly placed decal can change the way people perceive you when you are out for a ride. It not only makes you look badass but tells the world about your biking philosophy.

If you are fond of changing your look often and want to try your hand at sticking them, here are a few golden rules to follow-

• Decide where the decal will fit best.
• Select a method you are comfortable to work with.
• Gather everything you need and keep it within reach.
• Be patient and take your time.
• If confused, just ask, because advice is free but replacing a sticker costs money.

Here are some of the coolest decals to give you that badass biker look-

Ride like a girl sticker

Ride like a girl sticker
Why should boys have all the fun!

This sticker is perfect for all the female biking enthusiasts who wish to express their passion to the world.

The Monster Sticker

The famous neon green on black of the Monster energy drink is a sticker commonly used by many bikers. Bright colours in this sticker give it high visibility, and the tough and masculine image of the brand makes it a favourite among many.

The Monster Sticker

The Monster Stickers
The Blazing Fire

A blazing red against the black colour of a helmet is sure to grab eyeballs while you are on the road. The best part about using a flame sticker is that it’s very versatile. Along with the helmet, you can stick it on to the fairing of your bike to complete the look.

Blazing Fire Helmet

Blazing Fire Helmets
Words of Wisdom

Carry your biking philosophy wherever you go. Some stickers are designed specifically to show the world the passion that drives you.

Words of Wisdom

As cool as these decals are, their purpose is more than just decorating your bike. Made of reflective material, these decals ensure your safety on the road. They make you standout in a clutter of vehicles where bikes aren’t even a blip on the radar. Your best friends during the night travels, decals are rapidly gaining ground among different riding groups. Easy to use and replace, biking groups are using them as a symbol to create their own identity.

Go get your hands on the coolest decals out there and to always be updated with the latest buzz in the world of biking visit the Trails Of India website.


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