Bike Modification: First Things First

You took a long time to arrive!

But, now when you’re here and have accepted the fact that the experience of riding can be improved by modifying your bike, let’s roll. Don’t worry if you have never done it before, even those people who built show-winning exotica from the ground up, started somewhere. Getting in, doing work, and learning is the way to go.

Before you settle with the style of modification, make sure you don’t compromise on comfort. No matter what style of bike you ride, and what mods you want to try, anything that makes you change your riding position is not the right mod for you.

The very first thing that will challenge ergonomics and your design sensibilities is the handlebar. It will require you to decide whether you need a more relaxed position, or a head-down one, or a race pose. According to some experienced riders on Trails Of India, the standard clip-on bars are too low and are not fit for day-to-day riding. Though, you can hook up aftermarket clip-on bars that are higher, wider, and can be flipped upside-down, make sure you get the best comfort.

Bike Handlebar

The second mod that you need to try out is the exhaust system. This is that one part that looks hot and adds power to your bike, but most importantly, unleashes the signature sound of your motorcycle that makes heads turn. This part might be quite expensive, but it is that one thing bikers are most excited about. From rumbling American V-twins to screaming Japanese 4-bangers, there are lots of options available in the market, so it is always recommended that your research be thorough, and you know exactly what fits you best.

Bike Exhaust System

A windshield is another part that keeps the wind out of your face and comes in all shapes and sizes. It directs the air flow in different ways, depending on its height and the speed of your ride. Some riders prefer small screens, some prefer the big ones, and many opt for a smoked or tinted windshield for a more customised look. In case you love filming your rides, go for an acrylic windshield that offers more optical clarity to look through.

Bike Windshield

Tyres – the one element that totally transforms the riding experience on a new bike and lends a bike a lot of its handling characteristics and personality is selected based on the tracks and the riding style of the rider. The choice is extremely personal. The sheer variety determined by utility, the kind of bike and biker it is attached to is baffling. Visit Merchandise section on Trails Of India and see for yourself.

Bike Tyres

Apart from the most preferred bike mods that riders like to try on their new bikes, there are a lot of other bike mods and accessories available in the market, but these four speak louder, warrant more attention.

If you want to know more, hear it directly from the riders on Trails Of India.

You can also download the Trails Of India app from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.



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