Tips for Keeping Bike Parts Safe in This Rainy Season

The rainy season might be poetic and beautiful, but it’s not a walk in the park for a biker. The dampness that the monsoons bring along has been known to damage and rust bike parts, beyond repair sometimes. As a result, bike owners tend to keep their most prized possessions parked away under a shed or shield it with a rain-protection cover to prevent the rain water from causing damage. Believe it or not, despite the anxiety that some bikers attach to it, ‘tis a great season for riding. However, your bike requires some extra care during this time of the year. Scheduled maintenance goes a long way to keep your bike in shape.


Here’s a checklist of a few bike safety measures –

Prepare against rust:  As most of the body of the motorcycle is metallic, it is observed that bikes have a tendency to rust sooner or later. Ensure that moisture does not enter the battery terminals and that they are coated with petroleum jelly or grease. Wax is an excellent option to prevent any kind of rust build-up and keeps the surface shining. It is better to use teflon coating on the panels as it will prevent rusting. Also, every bike comes with a metal frame that can also be protected by using a layer of anti-rust protection to maintain its strength for a longer period of time.

Pay special attention to your bike parts: Regularly check the discs, liners and the inside of the drum brakes. Ensure they are clean and oiled. In the monsoon, it is impossible to brake suddenly or too hard. Hence, a high-grade brake system is important to keep you safe on the roads. Never ride in the rains with worn out tyres. The treads of the tyres provide grip by dispersing standing water. Your tyre should have deep treads, not only in the centre but also on the sides. Tyre pressure also directly affects tyre grip.


Frequent cleaning of bike accessories: Rainy season means mud and muck, which deposits in various parts of your bike. Deposition of mud increases the rate of wear, especially on the engine block, reducing cooling efficiency. Air filters might retain a lot of moisture, clogging it and not allowing air to pass through easily. So, it is better to keep your bike clean.

Hope these bike tips help you in ensuring that your bike welcomes the monsoon as much as you do.
For more details, visit the Trails Of India website where you can find bike parts and accessories for all seasons.



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