There is nothing better than having vivid visions from childhood dreams, some still up and running. That familiar noise of the engine and the gleam of smooth metal instantly transports you back to the days when you dreamt of riding bikes.

From a list of legendary motorcycles that ever touched the road, here are a few special ones that are close to every biker’s heart and did change the face of biking in India.

• The Yamaha RX 100

Surpassing all expectations, the good old motorbike Yamaha RX 100 created more bike lovers than anyone could have imagined. Launched in 1985, the RX 100 soon became a milestone. Its extremely powerful engine and the trademark grunt only added to its charm. The ‘Panther’ as we now call it, came with upgrades like air filters, quick throttle, disc brakes etc. and made it good enough to race around town.

The Yamaha RX 100
 • Hero Honda Splendor

A hot favourite, the Splendor was one of the most commonly seen bikes on Indian roads. One of the most reasonable two-wheelers of its time, it created a record of selling one million units in the year 2009.

Hero Honda Splendor
• Rajdoot 350

Launched in collaboration with Yamaha Japan, the Rajdoot roamed Indian roads, and became famous. The initials RD stood for ‘Race Development’. Although this iconic bike was never able to really capture the market, it sure made its place in the minds of Indian biking enthusiasts. The last model of the Rajdoot was sold in 1991 and though Yamaha RX 100 took over the market, Rajdoot continued to remain the flagship model.

Rajdoot 350
• Yezdi Roadking 250

True to its name, the Roadking 250 still rules the heart of many young bikers. In very high demand even today, the bike can be modified and upgraded for a complete badass look. Based on the CZ 250 driven by Jaroslav Falta, who won Motocross World Championship in 1974, the Roadking was virtuous enough to win many rallies and races in India.

Yezdi Roadking 250
 • Royal Enfield Mini Bullet 200cc

Created by putting together various parts from the Bullet 350, the Royal Enfield Mini Bullet 200 carries a legacy in itself. Developed as an advanced version of the 173cc Villiers-powered Crusader. The Mini Bullet is the epitome of the struggle that Enfield, the oldest motorcycle production company in the world, went through to make a place for itself in the Indian market.

Royal Enfield Mini Bullet 200cc

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