Mumbai to Goa via Chorla Ghats

As troublesome and rough as the Indian roads are, they make up for all the inconveniencewith generous parts of beauty and serenity. Be it the lush green mountains or the dry roads of the desert, these roads never fail to bring a childlike joy to a traveller. One such impressive road to travel on is the one passing through Chorla Ghats.

With a perfect blend of captivating cenery and open roads, the ghats are one of the best routes to reach Goa from the northern side. One of the most common routes to Goa from the North is the NH17 that follows the western costal route. As you enter Belgaum, take a map and find your way to NH31. You will come across a few crowded markets and a bunch of villages selling fresh farm produce. Buy some. You might need it for your bonfire soiree in Goa.

A little further, you will come across a narrow, crooked road. Cross it and at the end of the road there will be a petrol pump. Get your tanks filled, you might need it for the travel ahead and since there are no other petrol pumps for a good distance, this one is your best bet. Move forward and the beauty of the Chorla Ghats will leave you speechless.

The hairpin curves and the sharp turns span over more than 50 kilometers. The untarnished road is truly a pleasure to ride on. Cool breeze and lush green trees that run along the length of the road make travelling this road simply amazing. If you are lucky enough to hit the road during the sunset, you will surely be taken in by the scenic view of the Gululem Valley and the Anjunem Lake.

Apart from a bunch of resorts, two villages and one police check post, there are hardly any other establishments nearby.  But that’s the best part about travelling this route. Away from the city clutter and the rat race we call life, you get a chance to explore yourself and enjoy the treats nature has to offer.

It’s rather perfect for a long romantic drive if you ask me, but be careful; since there is an obvious lack of settlement in the area, trucks and many other vehicles take this route disregarding the speed limit and other rules.

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India’s Motorcycle Training Academies

Over the past couple of years, the craze of motorcycling has increased manifold. There is an increasing curiosity in the minds of bike riders on how to improve their overall riding skills. People want to ride through the mountains and rough terrains for the thrill and adventure. Unfortunately, in our country knowledge about motorcycling is limited.

Here are some dedicated motorcycle training academies which can turn even a novice into an expert:

India Motorcycling Academy or IMA focuses on developing road riding skills with special emphasis on motorcycle safety. Itsmotorcycle training modules and workshops are tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of motorcyclists, from your daily commuters to full-blown adventure enthusiasts. With exclusive workshops for female motorcycle enthusiasts, IMA focuses on improving women’s riding skills.

Indian Motorcycle Academy

Indi Moto Trend Adventures based in Bangalore, Karnataka,offers adventurous bike trips which allow trainees to interact with a different set of people, be exposed to nature and experience different cultures. A variety of motorcyclesare part of their arsenal and they also offer luxury accommodation to its trainees. Other than this, the club also provides tools, spare parts, mechanics as well as medics.

California Superbike School first set up camp in India at the Madras Motor Sports Club in Chennai. It was the very first time thatCSS, recognised as a premier motorcycle racing school in the world, operating in 27 countries came to South East Asia. They strive to improve the riding skills of every rider and make them conscious of safe and skilled riding practices.

Bike Ride

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Apex Racing Academy
trains young riders and hones them as competitive racers over a range of levels. The academy is based at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore. They welcome street riding enthusiasts and newbies or veterans who would like to improve their riding skills, and ride on the racetrack  someday.

Rajini Academy of Competitive Racing was instituted by Rajini Krishnan-one of India’s most successful motorcycle racers. They have structured training modules to help bike riders extract the best out of their machines as well as themselves in a track environment. At the end of the day, they want their students to just enjoy riding their motorcycles.

Riding a bike is an education and if you intend to learn, there are a lot of riding schools in India you could choose from.

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Top 5 budget-friendly bikes in India under INR 1 lakh

Motorbikes are thrilling to ride, they are affordable and efficient too, especially these days. Many different varieties of bikes are available in the market. Almost each one has a host of outstanding features and offers value for money. But when you have so many options to choose from, deciding on the one that’s right for you can take a lot of time and energy. So, if you’re contemplating purchasing a bike, first you should set a budget, factoring in the cost of a good helmet, gloves, and a riding jacket.

Here are some of the bikes under the 1-lakh range you could have a look at:

Suzuki Gixxer:

Runs on a 155cc single-cylinder engine that’s not only powerful, but extremely smooth and refined too. It also has a balanced suspension set-up that makes it exciting to ride on twisty roads, yet feels comfortable enough to tackle the daily grind with. Priced at around rupees75000, it pretty much fits the bill.


TVS Apache RTR 180:

Menacing looks, sporty dynamics, and spirited performance are the hallmarks of this ride. Its 180cc engine not only delivers exciting performance, but also sounds boisterous at high revs. The alloy wheels and the engine have a matte finish giving it a nice look. With the price hovering around rupees 80000, it’s an excellent option to go for.

Bajaj Avenger 220S:

If you want to lay your hands on a cruiser then there’s nothing better than the Bajaj Avenger 220 Street. Its easy manoeuvrability can truly amaze you and the straight handlebars offer great convenience while dealing with long highways and narrow streets. With powerful specifications and features, the Avenger is priced at around rupees 87000.

BIke Rider

Honda CBS Hornet 160R:

Powered by a 162cc engine that definitely packs a punch, this bike boasts well-balanced front and rear brakes that make for efficient braking even when only either the front or the rear brake is applied. A bike ride on this baby is definitely safer and could be yours for approximately rupees 80000.

Yamaha Fazer:

Equipped with a 153cc 4-stroke engine,this motorbike became an instant hit because of its muscular stance. It is an ideal choice for those using it for a daily commute. With five manual gears,a multi-plate clutch, it’s a steal at rupees77000.

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Dhabas you’ve got to visit !

A generous serving of butter, a pinch of salt, the sizzle of spices in bubbling hot oil and a heady aroma that can only be described as delicious, is ‘the usual’ that any dhaba in India will serve you and will leave you wanting more.

Sometimes I think the real motive for a ride is the amazing food you will get along the way. Without further ado, here is a list of tried and tested dhabas you just can’t miss when you go for a bike ride

Rao Dhaba, Daruhera, Manesar

Anywhere on the Delhi-Jaipur highway right now? Rao Dhaba is one place you just can’t miss. Famous for its North Indian cuisine, it is heavy on the stomach but light on the pocket. Catering to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, Rao will be the place with the highest number of cars in the parking lot and the maximum number of smiles on people’s faces.

Trails of India


If you are in the pursuit to satisfy your craving for some great Punjabi food, Murthal is the place to be at with roads lined with dhabas that serve food so great that you are left with an unforgettable experience. Some of the most famous joints are Amrik Sukhdev Dhaba, Gulshan Dhabha and Jhilmil Dhaba.

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Haveli, Ambala

A landmark for everyone who frequents the Delhi-Ambala highway, Haveli is one of the oldest and most well-known stops along the way. No less than any classy restaurant in its ambience and structure, it serves amazing food which caters to every traveller’s taste buds.

Trails of India

Bheemu Dhaba, Mandi,Manali Road

On the outskirts of Mandi, Bheemu Dhaba,located 3 to 4 kms ahead of the Mandi bus stop is a favourite among locals. Best known for its rajma, kali daal and parathas. The ‘4 meel,’as the locals like to call it, has been a respite for hungry travelers for ages now, with its delicious food and reasonable prices.

Prince Bhojanalaya, Dalhousie

Atan hour’sdrive from Dalhousie, on your way to Chandigarh, you will come across Prince Bhojanalaya .Don’t let the appearance of this little shack fool you. It serves some of the best food you will ever taste. This place has no fixed menu, the waiter arrives at every table to loudly announce the names of a number of dishes, you can choose from few names you catch being rattled off with alacrity. There is always something new cooking in the kitchen and you will never be disappointed with the food that is served here.

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Places you got to see!

India is a land of culture and tradition. Spanning hundreds of kilometers, every corner of the country holds a delightful surprise. Among this plethora of unique places that will take your breath away, there are some which stand out. These places stir something in you. They make you see a different aspect of life.

To ensure the traveller in you doesn’t miss any of these special places, here is a small list for you-

Coorg to Munnar, Karnataka to Kerala

A true gift of nature, this route is perfect for a weekend ride. The beautiful, lush green landscape along with the tea plantations transport you to a completely different world. The rural life of the village serves as a breath of fresh air from the clutter of the urban jungle we live in.


East Coast Road, Chennai to Pondicherry

A treat for your senses, this ride along the East Coast Road is bound to leave you speechless. Enjoy the cool winds along the beach and let the wonderful views along the way quell your wanderlust.

East Coast Road, Chennai to Pondicherry

Rann of Kutch, Gujarat

Thinking of pushing your bike to its limit? Rann of Kutch is your go to destination! Perfect for testing the land speed records on salt flats, this place offers a spectacular view of the night sky, bejewelled with stars and a beautiful moon.

Pamban Bridge, Rameswaram to Pamban Island

The bridge connecting Rameswaram of Pamban Island to Tamil Nadu demands that every traveller pay it a visit once. Get to the middle of the bridge, park your bike to the side and let the beauty of the vast ocean take you places you could only dream of.

Manali to Rohtang Pass, Himachal Pradesh

When everything else starts looking bad, a thrilling ride starts looking good.
Riding through walls of snow is just one of the adventures you will encounter along the way. Pick up your bike and ride out towards a life changing experience.


Zanskar Trail, Leh

Every rider dreams of visiting Leh once in his life. The journey is a test of your endurance, passion for riding and your skills as a biker. The scenery along the view is simply breathtaking and will egg you to go on.

Rajasthan Desert Trail, Udaipur to Jaipur

Perfect for a winter ride, this route is everything you would expect a ride in the desert. Beautiful sand dunes and a star-studded sky ought to take you back to the times of your childhood, where one of the greatest joy was reading Arabian Nights.

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Guinness World Records Created By Indian Motorcyclists

Indians are second to none in a many an arena, be it technology, medicine, sports or business. The same goes for holding unique and prestigious Guinness World Records, some of the notable ones are for motorcycling!

The competitive nature of Indians means that we stop only after fulfilling our innate desires. Some bikers want to prove to the world that riding is not just a hobby. It’s their life. So, they go out of their way and want the whole world to know about their love for bikes. In the process, they become a Guinness Record Holders – making themselves, their family and most importantly their country proud. Having a talent is one thing but recognising, harnessing and showcasing it, is another.To be able to strive for excellence and being able to excel is in itself a great feat.

Here are some achievements of passionate Indian motorcyclists who went down in the Guinness Book of World records:

•    Bharat Sinh Parmar, from Gujarat, made the world’s longest bike. He took the regular Bajaj Pulsar 125, chopped it, and added some metal to make it 26.29 metres long. Parmar had to ride this bike unassisted for 100 metres and without any assistance to qualify to enter the Guinness Book of World Records.

Bharat Sinh Parmar

•    Two soldiers of the Indian Army set world records for the longest continuous bike ride in an upright stance, with only their feet on the seat and the handlebar of their respective motorcycles. Captain Manpreet Singh covered 75.2 km in 2 hours, 24 minutes and 12 seconds standing on a motorcycle seat. The Guinness World Record for handlebar riding on a bike was established by Sandeep Kumar. He covered 46.9 km in 1 hour, 27 minutes and 31 seconds.


•    Indian motorcyclist Manigandan Manjunathan who hails from Vaniyambadi in Tamil Nadu, established the Guinness World Record for the longest bike journey undertaken on a motorcycle in a single country. On a Royal Enfield Classic 500, he started his expedition on November 9, 2014 and journeyed until February 15, 2015. This determined motorcyclist covered 29 states and 5 union territories and a distance of 38,239 kilometres in 106 days to earn his globally recognised record.

•    Hav Ramesh took yoga to the next level by setting the Guinness World Record for consecutively changing the maximum number of positions on a motorcycle. Just to be perfectly clear, the motorcycle was in motion and not just parked. The well-balanced Ramesh performed a total of 50 asanas (yoga stances), all while covering a distance of approximately 5 kilometers on a moving motorcycle. Phew!

These individuals are not only record holders, but a source of inspiration for biking enthusiasts. Record holders like them are the living proof that if you direct all your efforts towards achieving something, nothing is impossible.

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Types of Motorcycle Insurance

You probably love lots of things about your bike: the excitement, the speed, the manoeuvrability, and the way it connects you to the road as it does to the biking community. But part of enjoying,is feeling safe while you’re at it,not just physically, but also financially.
Safety is important when it comes to riding motorcycles. It is widely understood that bike riders face a higher risk of being involved in a crash than drivers of standard cars. With that being said, it is important to have a good motorcycle insurance policy. You never know what could happen, and having insurance can go a long way in protecting you financially.

Motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance provides financial protection in the event of a motorcycle accident, loss, theft or damage. It also includes liability coverage in case you are responsible for damaging somebody else’s property or causing bodily harm.
Listed below are the main types of insurance policies available, which offer different levels of cover:

Third-party Cover provides basic third-party insurance and covers the liability of the policy holder. This type of insurance only provides cover in the event of you causing damage to someone else’s property or injuring them while you are riding. It doesn’t include repair costs or cost of replacement if your bike is stolen, and is normally the cheapest and most basic coverage.

Third-party Fire and Theft Cover includes all the features of third-party liability cover, but also provides protection from damage to a bike as a result of the impact of fire, lightning, an explosion or attempted theft.

Fully-comprehensive Coveris designed to be as complete as possible. This typically includes accidental damage your bike sustains, the loss or theft of the bike and any repairs needed.You may also be entitled to a temporary motorbike as a replacement if yours needs to be fixed after an accident, but double check your policy documents to see if this facility is included or available to you.


Other customisable features in your motorcycle insurance plans include:•   •   Collision coverage that protects you in the event of an accident with another vehicle.
•    Uninsured and underinsured coverage comes in handy when another motorist doesn’t have enough insurance.
•    Personal Injury Protection (PIP)helps with medical costs that are incurred in case of an accident.
•    Accessory coverage provides coverage for any damaged custom equipment or parts added to your bike.
•    Motorcycle roadside assistance can help with towing and labour costs if your bike breaks down on the road.

Motorcycling is inherently dangerous if precaution is not exercised. You never know what might be waiting for you around the bend. The last thing you want to worry about in case of an accident is insurance, so don’t ride without it.
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