Perfect Gift for motorcycle enthusiasts

If you are not a biker, searching for a gift for your biker buddy can be a rather daunting task. If you start looking, it won’t be long before you are staring down the length of long shopping aisles, completely clueless. While we are no expert at gifting, but we do have a knack for making bikers happy.

Here is a list of some incredible things that will have any biker jumping with excitement-

Go Pro HD Hero 3

Nothing is more interesting for a biker than flipping through pictures of his latest bike ride. Now taking pictures becomes a little difficult when you have both your hands on the handlebars. Good thing the Go Pro Hero 3 sports a 12 megapixel image sensor and its video processor is capable of shooting 1080 p videos at 60 frames per second. There is absolutely nothing you will miss with the Hero 3 strapped to your helmet.

Go Pro HD Hero 3

The Big Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia

Let’s admit it, bathroom reading is one of the most favorite pastimes worldwide.And what would a biker like more than to read about his own passion?For these bike lovers, Mark Gardiner, a famous motorcycle writer has compiled a series of hilarious anecdotes. Subtitled ‘360 days-worth of shit you don’t need to know, four days-worth of stuff that is somewhat useful to know, and one entry that’s absolutely essential’. This is one book you just have to read.

The Big Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia

Leather Riding Gloves

Leather Gloves- need I say more? Stylish and comfortable, nothing beats a set of good leather gloves for a rider who loves to take his bike out for a spin in the hills, and otherwise.


Helinox Camp Chair

Camping is fun, but you already know that. So here is another one – camping is comfortable.Light and portable, this chair from Helinox can be setup within minutes and is easy to carry around. Weighing less than two pounds, this chair can support up to 350 pounds of weight. Talk about giving an awesome gift!

Sena Bluetooth Intercom Set

One downfall of riding out in a group is the lapse of communication. You might love talking while on a ride, but strong winds and fast speeds would just keep stealing your words away. How about a set of bluetooth intercoms to help you discuss the weather, share coordinates, or have a tete-a-tete? A perfect gift to make the rides more interesting.

Sena Bluetooth Intercom Set

Ear Plugs

Who doesn’t like the loud sound of the engine and the wind whooshing past as they ride towards their destination? Enjoyable as they might be, these loud noises can often harm the ears. A bunch of earplugs can come in real handy when going for long solo rides.

Ear Plugs

Now go ahead and shop, your biker buddies are waiting for their gift and if you want a wider selection of things to choose from, visit the Trails Of India website.


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