India’s Motorcycle Training Academies

Over the past couple of years, the craze of motorcycling has increased manifold. There is an increasing curiosity in the minds of bike riders on how to improve their overall riding skills. People want to ride through the mountains and rough terrains for the thrill and adventure. Unfortunately, in our country knowledge about motorcycling is limited.

Here are some dedicated motorcycle training academies which can turn even a novice into an expert:

India Motorcycling Academy or IMA focuses on developing road riding skills with special emphasis on motorcycle safety. Itsmotorcycle training modules and workshops are tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of motorcyclists, from your daily commuters to full-blown adventure enthusiasts. With exclusive workshops for female motorcycle enthusiasts, IMA focuses on improving women’s riding skills.

Indian Motorcycle Academy

Indi Moto Trend Adventures based in Bangalore, Karnataka,offers adventurous bike trips which allow trainees to interact with a different set of people, be exposed to nature and experience different cultures. A variety of motorcyclesare part of their arsenal and they also offer luxury accommodation to its trainees. Other than this, the club also provides tools, spare parts, mechanics as well as medics.

California Superbike School first set up camp in India at the Madras Motor Sports Club in Chennai. It was the very first time thatCSS, recognised as a premier motorcycle racing school in the world, operating in 27 countries came to South East Asia. They strive to improve the riding skills of every rider and make them conscious of safe and skilled riding practices.

Bike Ride

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Apex Racing Academy
trains young riders and hones them as competitive racers over a range of levels. The academy is based at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore. They welcome street riding enthusiasts and newbies or veterans who would like to improve their riding skills, and ride on the racetrack  someday.

Rajini Academy of Competitive Racing was instituted by Rajini Krishnan-one of India’s most successful motorcycle racers. They have structured training modules to help bike riders extract the best out of their machines as well as themselves in a track environment. At the end of the day, they want their students to just enjoy riding their motorcycles.

Riding a bike is an education and if you intend to learn, there are a lot of riding schools in India you could choose from.

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