Mumbai to Goa via Chorla Ghats

As troublesome and rough as the Indian roads are, they make up for all the inconveniencewith generous parts of beauty and serenity. Be it the lush green mountains or the dry roads of the desert, these roads never fail to bring a childlike joy to a traveller. One such impressive road to travel on is the one passing through Chorla Ghats.

With a perfect blend of captivating cenery and open roads, the ghats are one of the best routes to reach Goa from the northern side. One of the most common routes to Goa from the North is the NH17 that follows the western costal route. As you enter Belgaum, take a map and find your way to NH31. You will come across a few crowded markets and a bunch of villages selling fresh farm produce. Buy some. You might need it for your bonfire soiree in Goa.

A little further, you will come across a narrow, crooked road. Cross it and at the end of the road there will be a petrol pump. Get your tanks filled, you might need it for the travel ahead and since there are no other petrol pumps for a good distance, this one is your best bet. Move forward and the beauty of the Chorla Ghats will leave you speechless.

The hairpin curves and the sharp turns span over more than 50 kilometers. The untarnished road is truly a pleasure to ride on. Cool breeze and lush green trees that run along the length of the road make travelling this road simply amazing. If you are lucky enough to hit the road during the sunset, you will surely be taken in by the scenic view of the Gululem Valley and the Anjunem Lake.

Apart from a bunch of resorts, two villages and one police check post, there are hardly any other establishments nearby.  But that’s the best part about travelling this route. Away from the city clutter and the rat race we call life, you get a chance to explore yourself and enjoy the treats nature has to offer.

It’s rather perfect for a long romantic drive if you ask me, but be careful; since there is an obvious lack of settlement in the area, trucks and many other vehicles take this route disregarding the speed limit and other rules.

Enjoy every ride and share your tale for the world to see. Download the Trails Of India app and amazing stories will be at your fingertips, always.


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