Top 5 budget-friendly bikes in India under INR 1 lakh

Motorbikes are thrilling to ride, they are affordable and efficient too, especially these days. Many different varieties of bikes are available in the market. Almost each one has a host of outstanding features and offers value for money. But when you have so many options to choose from, deciding on the one that’s right for you can take a lot of time and energy. So, if you’re contemplating purchasing a bike, first you should set a budget, factoring in the cost of a good helmet, gloves, and a riding jacket.

Here are some of the bikes under the 1-lakh range you could have a look at:

Suzuki Gixxer:

Runs on a 155cc single-cylinder engine that’s not only powerful, but extremely smooth and refined too. It also has a balanced suspension set-up that makes it exciting to ride on twisty roads, yet feels comfortable enough to tackle the daily grind with. Priced at around rupees75000, it pretty much fits the bill.


TVS Apache RTR 180:

Menacing looks, sporty dynamics, and spirited performance are the hallmarks of this ride. Its 180cc engine not only delivers exciting performance, but also sounds boisterous at high revs. The alloy wheels and the engine have a matte finish giving it a nice look. With the price hovering around rupees 80000, it’s an excellent option to go for.

Bajaj Avenger 220S:

If you want to lay your hands on a cruiser then there’s nothing better than the Bajaj Avenger 220 Street. Its easy manoeuvrability can truly amaze you and the straight handlebars offer great convenience while dealing with long highways and narrow streets. With powerful specifications and features, the Avenger is priced at around rupees 87000.

BIke Rider

Honda CBS Hornet 160R:

Powered by a 162cc engine that definitely packs a punch, this bike boasts well-balanced front and rear brakes that make for efficient braking even when only either the front or the rear brake is applied. A bike ride on this baby is definitely safer and could be yours for approximately rupees 80000.

Yamaha Fazer:

Equipped with a 153cc 4-stroke engine,this motorbike became an instant hit because of its muscular stance. It is an ideal choice for those using it for a daily commute. With five manual gears,a multi-plate clutch, it’s a steal at rupees77000.

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Perfect Gift for motorcycle enthusiasts

If you are not a biker, searching for a gift for your biker buddy can be a rather daunting task. If you start looking, it won’t be long before you are staring down the length of long shopping aisles, completely clueless. While we are no expert at gifting, but we do have a knack for making bikers happy.

Here is a list of some incredible things that will have any biker jumping with excitement-

Go Pro HD Hero 3

Nothing is more interesting for a biker than flipping through pictures of his latest bike ride. Now taking pictures becomes a little difficult when you have both your hands on the handlebars. Good thing the Go Pro Hero 3 sports a 12 megapixel image sensor and its video processor is capable of shooting 1080 p videos at 60 frames per second. There is absolutely nothing you will miss with the Hero 3 strapped to your helmet.

Go Pro HD Hero 3

The Big Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia

Let’s admit it, bathroom reading is one of the most favorite pastimes worldwide.And what would a biker like more than to read about his own passion?For these bike lovers, Mark Gardiner, a famous motorcycle writer has compiled a series of hilarious anecdotes. Subtitled ‘360 days-worth of shit you don’t need to know, four days-worth of stuff that is somewhat useful to know, and one entry that’s absolutely essential’. This is one book you just have to read.

The Big Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia

Leather Riding Gloves

Leather Gloves- need I say more? Stylish and comfortable, nothing beats a set of good leather gloves for a rider who loves to take his bike out for a spin in the hills, and otherwise.


Helinox Camp Chair

Camping is fun, but you already know that. So here is another one – camping is comfortable.Light and portable, this chair from Helinox can be setup within minutes and is easy to carry around. Weighing less than two pounds, this chair can support up to 350 pounds of weight. Talk about giving an awesome gift!

Sena Bluetooth Intercom Set

One downfall of riding out in a group is the lapse of communication. You might love talking while on a ride, but strong winds and fast speeds would just keep stealing your words away. How about a set of bluetooth intercoms to help you discuss the weather, share coordinates, or have a tete-a-tete? A perfect gift to make the rides more interesting.

Sena Bluetooth Intercom Set

Ear Plugs

Who doesn’t like the loud sound of the engine and the wind whooshing past as they ride towards their destination? Enjoyable as they might be, these loud noises can often harm the ears. A bunch of earplugs can come in real handy when going for long solo rides.

Ear Plugs

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History of Military Motorcycles

When talking about military services, people usually think about tanks, guns, jeeps, and other ammunition which is used by armed forces globally. What role could a motorcycle possibly play in an army? In a battlefield, a bullet can come from any direction and at that moment,a motorcycle seems like a poor choice of an army vehicle. A motorcycle looks quite tiny when placed beside a tank or a jeep, but they have played a very important role in hunting down enemies and helping scouts to deliver their work easily during the world wars.

Motorcycles and World War I: In the First World War, scout riders began replacing motorcycles with horses and it really came off as a huge help for the military. Before this war, Indian Motorcycles were considered every biker’s bike, but during World War I, the manufacturers dedicated nearly all of its production towards the war effort. Harley-Davidson also supported the army during this tough time and increased its production,delivering around 20,000 motorcycles to support the war.

Including motorcycles in an army fleet came with its benefits. These speed demons went where larger vehicles could not. Medical supplies could be transported easily and quickly, patrolling became easier on two-wheels and messages could be sent back and forth in the hands of soldiers on bikes.

Motorcycle in World War I

Objective: Establish the fact we often choose cheap or inferior products for personal grooming inspite of knowing that it is a compromise because ‘We Never Learn’ and place emphasis on superficial gains like saving a buck.

Motorcycles and World War II: At the time of World War II, Harley-Davidson was ready for more. This time they modified their WL model, meant for civilians and converted it into the WLA model. This particular model was tailor-made for the U.S. Army and designed to tackle a few of the difficult situations on the battlefield. Harley-Davidson was not alone in the fray. BMW’s R75 proved to be a worthy contender.The bike came with a sidecar. It could carry three people at once and was very useful for transporting ammunition. This German vehicle became very popular as an out-and-out battlefield motorcycle during World War II because of its new design and great performance.

Motorcycle in World War II

Nearly 70 years after the World War II, and significant technological advancements, the armed forces still give pride of place to military motorcycles for their versatility and capacity to cover hard terrain quickly. Nowadays, military motorcycles are used to expedite various military duties like transferring orders from one place to another, carrying out administrative work, and as an integral part of the special operation unit.

Look out if you can spot one of these beauties, beasts actually, painted in camouflage coatings and fitted with latest motorcycle accessories for tough times, they even have infrared headlights and a customized bracket for holding a soldier-rider’s personal weapon.

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Bike Modification: First Things First

You took a long time to arrive!

But, now when you’re here and have accepted the fact that the experience of riding can be improved by modifying your bike, let’s roll. Don’t worry if you have never done it before, even those people who built show-winning exotica from the ground up, started somewhere. Getting in, doing work, and learning is the way to go.

Before you settle with the style of modification, make sure you don’t compromise on comfort. No matter what style of bike you ride, and what mods you want to try, anything that makes you change your riding position is not the right mod for you.

The very first thing that will challenge ergonomics and your design sensibilities is the handlebar. It will require you to decide whether you need a more relaxed position, or a head-down one, or a race pose. According to some experienced riders on Trails Of India, the standard clip-on bars are too low and are not fit for day-to-day riding. Though, you can hook up aftermarket clip-on bars that are higher, wider, and can be flipped upside-down, make sure you get the best comfort.

Bike Handlebar

The second mod that you need to try out is the exhaust system. This is that one part that looks hot and adds power to your bike, but most importantly, unleashes the signature sound of your motorcycle that makes heads turn. This part might be quite expensive, but it is that one thing bikers are most excited about. From rumbling American V-twins to screaming Japanese 4-bangers, there are lots of options available in the market, so it is always recommended that your research be thorough, and you know exactly what fits you best.

Bike Exhaust System

A windshield is another part that keeps the wind out of your face and comes in all shapes and sizes. It directs the air flow in different ways, depending on its height and the speed of your ride. Some riders prefer small screens, some prefer the big ones, and many opt for a smoked or tinted windshield for a more customised look. In case you love filming your rides, go for an acrylic windshield that offers more optical clarity to look through.

Bike Windshield

Tyres – the one element that totally transforms the riding experience on a new bike and lends a bike a lot of its handling characteristics and personality is selected based on the tracks and the riding style of the rider. The choice is extremely personal. The sheer variety determined by utility, the kind of bike and biker it is attached to is baffling. Visit Merchandise section on Trails Of India and see for yourself.

Bike Tyres

Apart from the most preferred bike mods that riders like to try on their new bikes, there are a lot of other bike mods and accessories available in the market, but these four speak louder, warrant more attention.

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Coolest Decals – A Must Have

Bikes are like notebooks. You will soon want to scribble all over and make them your own.

Every biker wants his bike to speak for him, to express his preferences and taste. It seems quiet legit too, a biker does put a lot of effort in selecting the bike just right for him. But if you ever feel a need to personalise your bike, a great way to add zing to it can be to have a sticker a.k.a. decal emblazoned on it. A cleverly placed decal can change the way people perceive you when you are out for a ride. It not only makes you look badass but tells the world about your biking philosophy.

If you are fond of changing your look often and want to try your hand at sticking them, here are a few golden rules to follow-

• Decide where the decal will fit best.
• Select a method you are comfortable to work with.
• Gather everything you need and keep it within reach.
• Be patient and take your time.
• If confused, just ask, because advice is free but replacing a sticker costs money.

Here are some of the coolest decals to give you that badass biker look-

Ride like a girl sticker

Ride like a girl sticker
Why should boys have all the fun!

This sticker is perfect for all the female biking enthusiasts who wish to express their passion to the world.

The Monster Sticker

The famous neon green on black of the Monster energy drink is a sticker commonly used by many bikers. Bright colours in this sticker give it high visibility, and the tough and masculine image of the brand makes it a favourite among many.

The Monster Sticker

The Monster Stickers
The Blazing Fire

A blazing red against the black colour of a helmet is sure to grab eyeballs while you are on the road. The best part about using a flame sticker is that it’s very versatile. Along with the helmet, you can stick it on to the fairing of your bike to complete the look.

Blazing Fire Helmet

Blazing Fire Helmets
Words of Wisdom

Carry your biking philosophy wherever you go. Some stickers are designed specifically to show the world the passion that drives you.

Words of Wisdom

As cool as these decals are, their purpose is more than just decorating your bike. Made of reflective material, these decals ensure your safety on the road. They make you standout in a clutter of vehicles where bikes aren’t even a blip on the radar. Your best friends during the night travels, decals are rapidly gaining ground among different riding groups. Easy to use and replace, biking groups are using them as a symbol to create their own identity.

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Safety Features in Your Motorcycle Boots

After a long ride doesn’t it feel great to lay aside all that heavy riding gear? To tug off the riding gloves, jacket and helmet and let the body breath is the first thing we want to do when we get off the bike for a break. Since motorcycle boots are the only accessories that stay on for a while even after the ride is over, it is only fair that we give some thought to the good old pair of sturdy boots that have supported us in keeping our feet firmly grounded.

Remembering an age old biking adage, ‘don’t dress for the ride; dress for the slide’, we are going to throw light on some sturdy yet stylish boots to boot.

Whether we realise it or not, there is a lot riding on the soles of out biking boots. Not only do they need to be comfortable, but they also need to be sturdy in order to withstand the wear and tear of long rides and any impact or friction in case of an accident.

Starting off with the Street Bike Riders’ footwear, these boots generally have leather construction and are high enough to cover the ankles. Avoid laces when purchasing bike riding shoes, as they tend to get stuck in the bike mechanism. Boots with low and wide heels rest comfortably over the foot pegs and a firm sole provides a strong grip making them an ideal choice for riding. The Stunt Boots by RST, coated with PU leather and built-in moulded PU protection, make an ideal choice for street riding.

bike riding shoes

The Dirt Bike Riders’ boots come with a specialised armour and great ankle support. A stout chin to protect against sticks and rocks, and the elastic gasket on top to keep the debris out. The separate inner bootie gives a great fit and comfort. The Alpinestars S-MX 6 Boots, with advanced microfibre for durability and abrasion resistance are the perfect example of dirt bike rider footwear.

Bike Riders’ boots

Next in line are the Adventure Bike Riders’ shoes. Lighter and shorter as compared to the dirt biking boots, these shoes are more comfortable to walk in and an ideal choice for long rides. Adventure biking shoes are generally made to be waterproof to provide comfort in various weather conditions. The CR-4 Gore-Tex XCR Boots, which offer the style, comfort and protection of hiking boots, are the perfect adventure biking boots to get you through various trips.

Bike Riders’ shoes

Boots are a really essential part of your bike safety arsenal. A pair of strong shoes can go a long way in protecting your feet from injuries and providing comfort on long rides. Put your right foot forward, and do it in the right pair of shoes. Drop in at the Trails Of India website and buy the most comfortable and stylish shoes to complement your style statement.