Perfect Gift for motorcycle enthusiasts

If you are not a biker, searching for a gift for your biker buddy can be a rather daunting task. If you start looking, it won’t be long before you are staring down the length of long shopping aisles, completely clueless. While we are no expert at gifting, but we do have a knack for making bikers happy.

Here is a list of some incredible things that will have any biker jumping with excitement-

Go Pro HD Hero 3

Nothing is more interesting for a biker than flipping through pictures of his latest bike ride. Now taking pictures becomes a little difficult when you have both your hands on the handlebars. Good thing the Go Pro Hero 3 sports a 12 megapixel image sensor and its video processor is capable of shooting 1080 p videos at 60 frames per second. There is absolutely nothing you will miss with the Hero 3 strapped to your helmet.

Go Pro HD Hero 3

The Big Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia

Let’s admit it, bathroom reading is one of the most favorite pastimes worldwide.And what would a biker like more than to read about his own passion?For these bike lovers, Mark Gardiner, a famous motorcycle writer has compiled a series of hilarious anecdotes. Subtitled ‘360 days-worth of shit you don’t need to know, four days-worth of stuff that is somewhat useful to know, and one entry that’s absolutely essential’. This is one book you just have to read.

The Big Bathroom Book of Motorcycle Trivia

Leather Riding Gloves

Leather Gloves- need I say more? Stylish and comfortable, nothing beats a set of good leather gloves for a rider who loves to take his bike out for a spin in the hills, and otherwise.


Helinox Camp Chair

Camping is fun, but you already know that. So here is another one – camping is comfortable.Light and portable, this chair from Helinox can be setup within minutes and is easy to carry around. Weighing less than two pounds, this chair can support up to 350 pounds of weight. Talk about giving an awesome gift!

Sena Bluetooth Intercom Set

One downfall of riding out in a group is the lapse of communication. You might love talking while on a ride, but strong winds and fast speeds would just keep stealing your words away. How about a set of bluetooth intercoms to help you discuss the weather, share coordinates, or have a tete-a-tete? A perfect gift to make the rides more interesting.

Sena Bluetooth Intercom Set

Ear Plugs

Who doesn’t like the loud sound of the engine and the wind whooshing past as they ride towards their destination? Enjoyable as they might be, these loud noises can often harm the ears. A bunch of earplugs can come in real handy when going for long solo rides.

Ear Plugs

Now go ahead and shop, your biker buddies are waiting for their gift and if you want a wider selection of things to choose from, visit the Trails Of India website.


The Twin Spark Engine: Twice the Spark?

DTS-I (Digital Twin Spark Ignition System)

When a biker comes across this term, the first thing that pops up in his or her mind is the Bajaj Pulsar. Bajaj Auto and TVS Motor are the first two automobile companies to contest the usage of twin-spark plug technology, also known as the DTS-I feature in Indian two-wheelers.

Both the companies introduced this technology riding on the back of the claim that twin-spark plugs increase fuel efficiency and enhance performance.

The Twin Spark Engine
But, the ride hit a rough patch for the two companies. While Bajaj Auto and TVS Motor got embroiled in a patent dispute about the twin-spark plug, industry experts expressed their dissatisfaction with the new technology. According to independent automobile engineers, the technology’s performance was about the same as a motorcycle fired by a single spark plug. It did not deliver any better mileage, or acceleration than that derived from a single spark plug. They opined that if the combustion chamber, the place where fuel and air are mixed in a controlled manner, is well designed, there would be no need for two spark plugs. “It’s all about design. If you have an optimally designed combustion chamber, then I believe a single spark plug is adequate to obtain the same performance and fuel efficiency as that from a twin-spark plug. There are no outstanding benefits to be gained from the twin-spark plug system, except that it represents a totally new design,” says J. P. Subramaniam, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at IIT, Delhi.

However, despite the controversies, Bajaj Auto won the first-of-its-kind technology patent case in India, and the technology was successfully installed in most of their bikes.

Now, let’s see the picture behind the picture and find out how worthy the new technology is.

As you know by now, there is a combustion chamber inside a motorcycle engine. It is the place where fuel and air mix in a controlled manner and any unburnt fuel is released as waste through the exhaust pipe. So, the idea of a second spark plug was born to avoid fuel wastage, where the unburnt fuel is also combusted and turned into energy.

The Twin-Spark Ignition Engine
The twin-spark ignition engine has two spark plugs located at opposite ends of the combustion chamber and the second spark plug produces a spark a few seconds after the spark fired by the first spark plug. While the first spark plug burns up to 70 per cent of the fuel, the remaining fuel is burnt by the second spark plug, and hence the combustion process becomes fast and efficient.

The other benefits of using this system are:

• Decrease in fuel consumption
• No overheating
• Less vibration and noise
• Better engine-start response even in cold climatic conditions

Opinions on the utility of the twin-spark engine remain divided. If you have used this system, we would like you to share your personal experience with us. To do so, you can visit or download the Trails Of India app from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store.


There is nothing better than having vivid visions from childhood dreams, some still up and running. That familiar noise of the engine and the gleam of smooth metal instantly transports you back to the days when you dreamt of riding bikes.

From a list of legendary motorcycles that ever touched the road, here are a few special ones that are close to every biker’s heart and did change the face of biking in India.

• The Yamaha RX 100

Surpassing all expectations, the good old motorbike Yamaha RX 100 created more bike lovers than anyone could have imagined. Launched in 1985, the RX 100 soon became a milestone. Its extremely powerful engine and the trademark grunt only added to its charm. The ‘Panther’ as we now call it, came with upgrades like air filters, quick throttle, disc brakes etc. and made it good enough to race around town.

The Yamaha RX 100
 • Hero Honda Splendor

A hot favourite, the Splendor was one of the most commonly seen bikes on Indian roads. One of the most reasonable two-wheelers of its time, it created a record of selling one million units in the year 2009.

Hero Honda Splendor
• Rajdoot 350

Launched in collaboration with Yamaha Japan, the Rajdoot roamed Indian roads, and became famous. The initials RD stood for ‘Race Development’. Although this iconic bike was never able to really capture the market, it sure made its place in the minds of Indian biking enthusiasts. The last model of the Rajdoot was sold in 1991 and though Yamaha RX 100 took over the market, Rajdoot continued to remain the flagship model.

Rajdoot 350
• Yezdi Roadking 250

True to its name, the Roadking 250 still rules the heart of many young bikers. In very high demand even today, the bike can be modified and upgraded for a complete badass look. Based on the CZ 250 driven by Jaroslav Falta, who won Motocross World Championship in 1974, the Roadking was virtuous enough to win many rallies and races in India.

Yezdi Roadking 250
 • Royal Enfield Mini Bullet 200cc

Created by putting together various parts from the Bullet 350, the Royal Enfield Mini Bullet 200 carries a legacy in itself. Developed as an advanced version of the 173cc Villiers-powered Crusader. The Mini Bullet is the epitome of the struggle that Enfield, the oldest motorcycle production company in the world, went through to make a place for itself in the Indian market.

Royal Enfield Mini Bullet 200cc

Relive the memories of your past, but this time take the handlebars in your own hands! Purchase the best products to customise your dream bike from the Trails Of India website before you take these former stalwarts out for a spin.

8 Best Garage Themed Cafe’s in India

Cafe culture is booming and becoming more and more popular by the day. Our weekends are full of street side cafes, takeaway coffees and delicious meal, finger food, concoctions and other sinful things that delight the heart as well as the palate.

Cafes serve as meeting places for friends and family, the meeting ground for singles seeking alone time and a sanctuary for those in search of a tasteful cosy corner where once can curl up with a book, a drink or maybe chat up strangers and make new friends.

In this era where socialising is the order of the day, there are some garage themed cafes which surely get a biker going.

The Bikers Café, Golf Course Road, Gurugram: Every ride is unique, so is this cafe. With live music and biker-style decor, this cafe is a perfect hangout for bike enthusiasts. On the menu are dishes like Single Cylinder Sandwiches, Kick Starters, V-twin Power Burgers, Pasta Rides etc. that are inviting enough to tempt people to come back for more.

The Bikers Café
Garage Inc., Hauz Khas, Delhi: The name says it all; a vintage looking cafe with walls adorned with garage paraphernalia like wheels, number plates, and a rack loaded with classic helmets. When you walk in here, you’ll walk away with the feeling that the music was good, the food was amazing. They are popularly known for their karaoke nights.

Garage Inc.
Ride Inn, Manali, Himachal Pradesh: A biker themed cafe with a stunning view of snow-capped mountains, a perfect place for bikers to chill out and discuss routes and interact with other bikers. Ride Inn is a unique cafe with tables and chairs fabricated out of old motorcycles parts. Their menu includes Himachali, Indian, Chinese and Thai dishes, which are mouth-watering.

Ride Inn
Bike and Barrel, Chennai: A typical resto-bar with good music and delicious food, B&B’s interiors stands out and make this place above all other cafes. With a bike hung up from ceiling and vintage bike posters placed on the walls, their punk ambience and tempting dishes never disappoint anyone, biker or non-biker.

Bike and Barrel
Cafe Torque, Bengaluru: Cafe Torque, Bengaluru, is the perfect place for bikers to catch up with friends and meet fellow bikers. This garage themed cafe also houses a store that sells biking accessories and you can see how popular that makes them with bikers because you’ll always be able to spot a few superbikes parked outside. Torque is the place to be at when you want a edifying discussion about bike trips with fellow bikers.

Cafe Torque
J’S Cafe, Indiranagar, Bengaluru:  This small cafe is located right above the Royal Enfield showroom in Indiranagar. They serve some really good food and beverages and have quirky interiors. You can easily find replica models of Royal Enfield motorcycles suspended from the ceiling, which is not something usual in the real world and that’s precisely why it’ll catch your eye.

J’S Cafe
Revv Cafe, Greater Kailash-1, Delhi: A place with lots of things to offer, be it motorcycle workshops, biker’s jackets, motorcycle merchandise for sale, or even different automobile accessories, they have it all. Revv Cafe is a trendy eating-out option that has a biker bar with few tyre shaped decorations that steals the show.

Revv Cafe
Toto’s Garage, Bandra, Mumbai:  A Volkswagen Beetle turned into a bar ceiling, staff members dressed up as mechanics and large number plates  from all over the world hung up on the walls, makes this garage extraordinary. Their smoky interiors and a rustic look make this place ideal for riders to enjoy their meal with soothing 60’s-70’s music playing in the background.

Toto’s Garage
These garage themed cafes are very popular among riders who can easily be spotted at these joints, if not on the road. For more information about everything related to biking, visit

History of Military Motorcycles

When talking about military services, people usually think about tanks, guns, jeeps, and other ammunition which is used by armed forces globally. What role could a motorcycle possibly play in an army? In a battlefield, a bullet can come from any direction and at that moment,a motorcycle seems like a poor choice of an army vehicle. A motorcycle looks quite tiny when placed beside a tank or a jeep, but they have played a very important role in hunting down enemies and helping scouts to deliver their work easily during the world wars.

Motorcycles and World War I: In the First World War, scout riders began replacing motorcycles with horses and it really came off as a huge help for the military. Before this war, Indian Motorcycles were considered every biker’s bike, but during World War I, the manufacturers dedicated nearly all of its production towards the war effort. Harley-Davidson also supported the army during this tough time and increased its production,delivering around 20,000 motorcycles to support the war.

Including motorcycles in an army fleet came with its benefits. These speed demons went where larger vehicles could not. Medical supplies could be transported easily and quickly, patrolling became easier on two-wheels and messages could be sent back and forth in the hands of soldiers on bikes.

Motorcycle in World War I

Objective: Establish the fact we often choose cheap or inferior products for personal grooming inspite of knowing that it is a compromise because ‘We Never Learn’ and place emphasis on superficial gains like saving a buck.

Motorcycles and World War II: At the time of World War II, Harley-Davidson was ready for more. This time they modified their WL model, meant for civilians and converted it into the WLA model. This particular model was tailor-made for the U.S. Army and designed to tackle a few of the difficult situations on the battlefield. Harley-Davidson was not alone in the fray. BMW’s R75 proved to be a worthy contender.The bike came with a sidecar. It could carry three people at once and was very useful for transporting ammunition. This German vehicle became very popular as an out-and-out battlefield motorcycle during World War II because of its new design and great performance.

Motorcycle in World War II

Nearly 70 years after the World War II, and significant technological advancements, the armed forces still give pride of place to military motorcycles for their versatility and capacity to cover hard terrain quickly. Nowadays, military motorcycles are used to expedite various military duties like transferring orders from one place to another, carrying out administrative work, and as an integral part of the special operation unit.

Look out if you can spot one of these beauties, beasts actually, painted in camouflage coatings and fitted with latest motorcycle accessories for tough times, they even have infrared headlights and a customized bracket for holding a soldier-rider’s personal weapon.

Bikes command respect and if you believe that too, visit to interact and share your views with other like-minded people and bikers.